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Weentar AMA, June 29th 2021

Yesterday (June 29, 2021), Weentar’s CEO Eduardo Fonnegra and CTO Sebastian Dine joined the community for a live voice chat 🎙 and AMA session. This session was a bit shorter than previous ones, and there were fewer participants asking questions than usual.

This week's AMA focused on a lot of technical aspects and some of the details may not be fully complete in this recap, but the team is hoping to share more information directly with the community soon.

Marketing Side:
🔹 Marketing is still ongoing, still engaged with Crowdcreate.
🔹 Crowdcreate will be finding a lot of the strategic partnerships to connect with before launch.
🔹 New campaign launched by Crowdcreate today, further updates coming on that at a later time.
🔹 Trndsttrs Media Podcast release was rescheduled. Keep an eye on the Telegram channel for the final date coming any day now.
🔹 Sebastian will work with the marketing team to come up with something to really focus on what makes Weentar different from ordinary NFT marketplaces, showing more of the social/community aspect.

Technical and Development Side:
🔹 Weentar is in the middle of development.
🔹 Some components are right on schedule and nearly ready, others are having their first Alpha versions.
🔹 They are following an agile methodology with respect to delivery and utilising Kanban method - continuous pipeline of delivery essentially.
🔹 Not all data will be stored on blockchain, because it becomes too costly (gas fees). Example: If you “like” content on the web app, it will be stored in a NoSQL database instead of on the blockchain.
🔹 Prototype running on MongoDB but will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) later (DocumentDB).
🔹 IPFS nodes also hosted on AWS.
🔹 AWS allows for easier management of scaling in a cost effective manner.
🔹 Sebastian will look into sharing more technical information with the group that should appeal to developers or programmers and other techies.
🔹 Regarding personal information: Weentar will only store minimal personally identifying information such as username and email address. Weentar will not store the social demographic information that is typically valuable such as age, location, income level, education etc.
🔹 Users who want to become creators will pay a small fee (by sending coins) to cover the costs of storage. After that, everything you create will be free. Becoming a creator will be extremely simple, clicking a button and sending coins to a governance contract. Then automatically you will have social tokens being minted and people can start to purchase them and you can start uploading your content immediately.
🔹 Everything regarding fees is configurable. Can be changed later via governance contracts.
🔹 A feature to be added later is a voting engine where consumers can create a proposal and coins can be staked to the vote to support the proposal. When it receives enough votes, then the smart contract would be adjusted accordingly.
🔹 Fees will always be paid in coins and could potentially be tied to the USD equivalent value of the coins so that they are automatically adjusted.
🔹 We have plans to make tutorial videos and such that can be used for marketing and generally help get the message across how to use Weentar and what it is about, but the main focus at the moment remains development.
🔹 Once the running Alpha version is up, we can shift some more focus to these tutorials and marketing showing more about actually using Weentar.
🔹 Planning to have a small pilot phase with selective people, but then open for everyone to join.

We had only a very small group in the chat, so hopefully more will join us for the next one! The team is hoping to have another AMA in approximately a week if the scheduling works out, and they really want to do a video chat so you can get to see them and better connect with them.

See you all on next Weentar AMA 🙏👍❤



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