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Ion Stanciu
5 min readNov 13, 2018

On the cryptocurrency market there are many banking projects that want to be noticed, succeed and, last but not least, keep on top! I know many projects of this kind, some have got my attention, others less, but I was deeply and pleasantly impressed when I discovered the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem.
Most of these projects launch a simple idea, such as, for example, creating a platform for digital conversion, from cryptocurrency to fiat, usually. Then they try to get a license from a payment company to issue their cards, and that’s it. But what is even more important is that very few of them succeed.

The Platio Ecosystem is different from this, not only because this project offers a much wider range of products, but also because of the fact that it has an experienced and successful team with proven achievements in building hi-tech businesses globally. Platio has EU and UK licenses required to make payments in crypto and fiat currencies and a viable MVP, coming out in short term, which will contain such features as a payment cards, online wallet, crypto-to-fiat exchange.

With that being said, let’s dig a little more and show you why I’m so excited about this project. Platio is an international fintech project headquartered in London and authorised in over 30 countries. Its an all-in-one platform for secure banking for crypto and fiat, and brokerage for stocks.
Platio intends to build a private sidechain based on EOS technology and a predefined set of smart contracts. The blockchain project will be maintained and actively developed by Platio. The Platio Blockchain ensures secure, fast and transparent internal business processes. The efficiencies created through Blockchain will increase organizational output and help cut down the transactional costs and processing time associated with traditional banking systems. All the assets within the Platio Ecosystem will be tokenized. Tokenized assets are used for internal transactions and smart contracts in the Platio Ecosystem. The main types of internal transactions are Brokerage & Exchange and Internal Transfers. The main types of smart contracts are Smart Escrow and Asset Guard (Auto exchange & Standby transfer).

Seven essential products together make crypto a widespread means of payment:
⦁ Exchange & Brokerage
⦁ Asset Guard
⦁ Platio Payment Cards
⦁ Internal transfers
⦁ Payments & Remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/Ripple/OCT
⦁ Invoicing and Processing
⦁ Smart Escrow

Each product is described in details in Platio Whitepaper. Platio, unlike other similar projects on the market, has really competitive advantages:
UK and EU crypto and fiat licences; Solution for risks of private keys loss, volatility and irreversible payments; own Blockchain and Smart contract-based products; quick processing of up to 100K transactions/sec and transparent commissions.

The Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem is tailored for individuals and businesses and provides banking and trading services in three asset types: fiat, crypto and stocks. Using Platio, users have the following benefits:
⦁ Trade & exchange on one platform in crypto, fiat and stocks
⦁ Protect crypto, fiat and stocks from volatility or access loss risks
⦁ Keep crypto, fiat and stocks in one place
⦁ Make deals In crypto and fiat using Smart escrow which resolves conflicts between parties
⦁ Receive crypto and fiat via Invoicing & Processing for businesses and individuals
⦁ Spend crypto and fiat with plastic or virtual payment cards
⦁ Pay in crypto and fiat using SWIFT/SEPA/OCT
⦁ Transfer crypto, fiat and stocks for free within Platio Ecosystem

I invite you to watch the Dima’s speech (Platio’s Chief Executive Officer) at the TEAMZ Blockchain Summit from Tokyo, about how Platio intends to solve key problems of crypto industry.

With Platio, you are free to exchange crypto to fiat or stocks as well as to make payments in crypto in an all-in-one user interface. It is basically a sort of crypto bank all-in-one service targeting at providing multiple banking services. No more multiple logins to exchanges, digital wallets and e-payment services: an ultimate all-in-one solution is essentially a crypto mobile bank with basic functionality of a crypto exchange allowing users to calculate risks and monitor the market fluctuations.

Last but not least, I want to review few details about PGAS Token and Platio Token Sale. The PGAS ERC20 utility token will be used for transactions within the Platio Ecosystem. Revenue is generated for Platio as every transaction will create either transaction revenue or subscription revenue. It’s expected that the value of PGAS will increase over time because of two main reasons:
First, increasing demand on PGAS due to commissions and fees being paid only in PGAS tokens; added services, released over time, with the anticipated Platio user base growth; benefits to active users of PGAS tokens.
Second, decreasing quantity PGAS tokens due to 50% of Platio internal commissions may be burnt until around only 10% of PGAS tokens are left in circulation within the Platio Ecosystem.

Token sale details:
⦁ Token Price 0.20 EUR
⦁ Soft Cap 5,000,000 EUR
⦁ Hard Cap 34,500,000 EUR
⦁ Private Pre-Sale: 20.08.2018–25.01.2019
⦁ Public Pre-Sale: 28.01.2019–11.02.2019
⦁ Public Sale: 13.02.2019–28.02.2019

Through the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem (“Platio Ecosystem”), the main goal is to make cryptocurrency a widespread means of payment by increasing its utility. Platio Team’s focus is to provide traditional financial services to the digital currencies community in a secure and compliant way. The global community needs a solution that takes the best features from both, new and traditional financial systems and gives the world economy an opportunity to embrace the growing digital economy.

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