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2 min readAug 11, 2021


MoonRise - First MoonShot buyback token on BSC chain

New gambling dApp MoonShoot in final testing phase!

MoonRise is a hyper-deflationary buyback token and the original MoonShot token.

Presenting MoonRaise utility & another buy back first MoonShoot gambling dApp

MoonShoot is a jackpot style casino game where players pool together BNB for credits and the winner takes all!
A percentage of each MoonShoot pot is collected and sent directly to the MoonRise Kraken for an immediate MoonShot! The bigger the pot the bigger the shot!
Players who hold $MOONRISE in their wallet will qualify for lower fees being taken from their BNB jackpot winnings!

MoonRaise will be an all-in-one platform for anyone to raise money for their anything. It will host presales, funding events, giveaways, charity campaigns - anything you can think of. It will simplify the design and flow of current solutions and will combine all these use-cases into one slick site. Think of GoFundMe but for crypto, and then think one step further.

Now featuring the whale as well as a mini-whale. The latter will be available for use by certain admins, apart from the dev, so we can always support upwards trend, even if the dev is not available

👥 Holders: 29,000+
💰 Initial Supply: 1Q
🔥 Total Burn: 45%
💧 Liquidity Pool: 14%

💥11% Tax
🐋 7% Whale funding
🧑🏼‍🚀 2% Holders
🌚 2% Marketing/ MoonBase+ LP

Contract 0x7ee7f14427cc41d6db17829eb57dc74a26796b9d



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