ARToken by Cappasity, a token for AR/VR industry

I’m proud to present you ARToken by Cappasity, a token built for AR/VR industry. First of all, I want to make a short introduction in what AR/VR means.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows the user to interact with a computer simulated environment, via Head Mounted Display (HMD) or through CAVE stereoscopic projection systems, to experience a world that is not physically and is not real. The rapid evolution of hardware technology in recent years, especially in the gaming industry, has made it possible to real-time rendering of very complex 3D virtual spaces where more users can interact.
Augmented Reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect physical view in the real world, where its elements are complemented by computer with an artificial world through sensory inputs, sounds, graphics, virtual characters, or GPS data.

ARToken is a digital token created by Cappasity, designed to create a decentralized ecosystem for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) communities. Both communities can use the ARToken ecosystem to exchange 3D content across a market called Cappasity . Cappasity seeks to solve a key problem in the 3D content creation community by creating toolkits that makes 3D digitizing of real objects available to everyone. The company has also made efforts to make it easier to embed 3D content to virtual galleries and websites more easily, while also creating tools for mobile devices and AR/VR apps. ARToken will be spent for subscriptions to 3D content creators, 3D content purchases from content creators (the price is dictated by the seller) , 3D content rentals for commercial purposes. Users will recive ARToken for uploading unique 3D content, verifying and moderating content and for selling or renting self-created 3D content. So, in other words, ARToken will be used to facilitate 3D content exchange. AR has the full potential to be a major element of e-commerce and m-commerce. Nevertheless, there are many other fields ready for AR/VR disruption. Goldman Sachs expects the AR/VR software market to achieve $35bn by 2025 with 60% of AR/VR software revenue driven by the consumer.

And now, after I generally presented you ARToken I gladly announce you that ARToken sale is live beginning from October 25th and we are happy inviting you to join us! Bellow, I present you a few details about ARToken sale:

Phase 1 AR/USD basic token price: 125 AR per $1
Phase 2 AR/USD basic token price: will be announced 2 months prior to the start of phase 2 token sale. It will be based on the token market value, and is expected to be 20 to 40% higher than phase 1 price (i.e. 75–100 AR per $1).
Total ARs available for crowdsale: The amount of tokens to be sold is capped by 7,000,000,000 AR.
The actual amount of ARs: known after the end of the crowdsale (unsold tokens will be burned)
Listing ARToken will be listed on the crypto exchanges right after the end of Phase 1 of token sale. We are going to be listed on HitBTC. Another exchange will be announced later.
ARToken accepted for Cappasity services December 2017 (right after phase 1 token sale is finished)
Phase 1 launch date and time: 1PM UTC, October 25, 2017
Phase 1 end date: 28 days after launch or when the Phase 1 hard cap is reached
Phase 2 launch date: 120 days after the closing of Phase 1.
Currencies that we accept: BTC ETH
Minimum Buying Transaction: We do not accept contributions under $30.
The bonus model: Phase 1 bonuses will depend on the tier the contribution is made, and on the amount contributed. The tier system is based on our Whitelist Application process and is defined as:

In the end of my presentation, I want to share with you a few links where you can get informed in a detailed manner: ARToken whitepaper Cappasity official website ARToken official website ARToken official Bitcointalk Thread Official Cappasity Facebook page Official Cappasity Twitter page

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