MoonRise - First MoonShot buyback token on BSC chain

New gambling dApp MoonShoot in final testing phase!

MoonRise is a hyper-deflationary buyback token and the original MoonShot token.

Presenting MoonRaise utility & another buy back first MoonShoot gambling dApp

MoonShoot is a jackpot style casino game where players pool together…

Weentar AMA, June 29th 2021

Yesterday (June 29, 2021), Weentar’s CEO Eduardo Fonnegra and CTO Sebastian Dine joined the community for a live voice chat 🎙 and AMA session. This session was a bit shorter than previous ones, and there were fewer participants asking questions than usual.

This week's AMA…

What is Weentar ?

Weentar is a decentralised social media project. We are creating a platform that allows for celebrities, influencers and creators launch their social tokens as easily as creating a profile and also have their media content posted as NFT’s on a decentralised social media platform on the…

KISHU INU the new cryptocurrency revelation

Kishu Inu is $DOGE’s little brother and $HOKK’s best friend. We asked our big brother to re-work some tokenomics to make $DOGE deflationary, but it’s not possible. In light of this, $KISHU was born! A fully deflationary token that will appreciate with every single successive transaction.

KISHU is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build KISHU into the best community in crypto. For every transaction in KISHU’s network (buy or sell), 2% of the transaction is distributed to existing holders. That means you earn $KISHU just by holding it in your wallet.

Breakout Poker’s New Pro Bounty Tournament 1st Online Event to Award BRK Cryptocurrency to Winners becomes the first online gaming site to accept BRK for both deposits and withdrawals, along with all major international currencies.

12 March 2018 - San Jose, Costa Rica (Press Release): BreakoutPoker, a member of…

Ion Stanciu

I’m a Bitcoin supporter and Cryptocurrency in general, and I’m also passionate about everything blockchain technology means!

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